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How To Edit Slime Rancher Save Files !!TOP!!


Jun 10, 2020 The save folder is located in the main directory of the game and any files named . Sep 4, 2019 In the main directory, you will see "save/myPC" and "save/steam/myPC" . This is a cool cheat to help speed up your game saves. Sep 5, 2019 Go to the PC in the bottom left hand corner. Then, right click and go to "Properties" . Sep 6, 2019 This is what you want to open up. You want to find the sub folder "save" . Find that folder and open the "save" sub folder. Sep 7, 2019 Scroll down and find the game.exe, savegame.stk and avatar.stk . Sep 8, 2019 The two files you want to open are savegame.stk and avatar.stk . Sep 9, 2019 Open them both up by double clicking on them. Sep 10, 2019 Savegame.stk is your save file for slime rancher . Sep 11, 2019 The file avatar.stk is your avatar, which controls your slime . Sep 12, 2019 Right click on the save game and open it. Then double click on avatar.stk . Sep 13, 2019 This is what you want to change in avatar.stk . Sep 14, 2019 Click here: {... } The image at the top of the window is your slime when you press the C button on your controller. The progress bar shows the state of your slime at a time. Then, you want to change the brightness here: Sep 15, 2019 Find the brightness in the bottom right-hand corner. Click that to access this window. Here, you can change the brightness. Sep 16, 2019 You want to find this in the or this. Oct 3, 2019 The slider on the right is for making your slime bright. Oct 4, 2019 The slider on the left is to make your slime more dark. Oct 5, 2019 Where you can find them on the right is the slider. Oct 6, 2019 And on the left is the slider, which controls the brightness Oct 7, 2019 Make both

Here's how you create a folder called "SavedGames" in your Steam Documents directory, where you have room to keep your saved games. May 2, 2014 4. I do have the same problem when I open the game through steam, I saved games work fine and I get some coins but when I open it in steam it says that the newest save doesn't work anymore because it's "corrupted. PC save game editing is difficult but you can do it with guides and tips here. You may need a custom/modified save game editor, a tool or a in-game trainer to 6. For this kind of problem, you need to right click on the save file and select "Open With" in the right bottom corner of your steam. Normally, you could look at the name of the game in the "Platform" section to March 11, 2019 Save Game Editor  -‎ Edit Save File in Steam  -‎ 7. This looks like a simple save file editor. Just make sure you select the right save file, then update the content with your existing save file. If it doesn't work, continue the guide on this page. How to Open Save File In Steam October 23, 2017 I found a topic on the steam forums by TorahL, which is helpful for getting your save files open in steam. -Open the file in Steam using the following        1. Open Steam client.     2. Go to File > Map any files > Open with option.     3. If steam is running (and you haven't saved the file), select the box that says “Use this program if the file is:”     4. Select "Non-Steam Game" from the dropdown box and click Open.     5. Select the save file from the folder which you want to open using the browse option.     6. Click Open.     7. Click the "Choose" button.     8. Read the message that appears on the right side.     9. If the message says "The file is in use. Save the file?", select "Over

How To Edit Slime Rancher Save Files !!TOP!!

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